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      How is my scrunchie made?
      At Larzy your scrunchie is made individually rather than in a long tube. We find they are stronger and the seams much neater. We use top quality thread and elastic. They take us a little longer but we know you are getting a top quality product.

      Where do you get your fabrics from?
      Everywhere! Lots of suppliers in Sydney, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and on our travels. In October 2019 Larzy printed its very first fabric – koalas! Designed by northern beaches artist Jules Lawson, fabric printed in Sydney and scrunchie made in Bondi on 100% cotton. Watch this space…more to come.

      Can you make my scrunchie or hair scarf to order?
      Absolutely. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to source the right fabric for you and make the right size.

      Do you make different sized scrunchies?
      At Larzy we understand everyone has different thicknesses of hair and therefore we make our scrunchies in different sizes. Our normal scrunchie fits most hair types (for medium thick hair our scrunchies will go around 2-3 times, finer hair 3-4 times), however if you have extremely thick hair drop us a note in the comments box on the order page and we will contact you to ensure we make the right sized scrunchie for you (we'll get you to measure one of your favourite elastics).

      Is my scrunchie really made in Bondi?
      All of our scrunchies are made by us in Bondi.

      How long will it take for my purchase to be sent? 

      We aim to send your parcel the same day as you order. For all express orders we know you want your new products pronto and aim to send out asap.

      What shipping options do you offer?
      We offer regular and express post, both with tracking via Australia Post.

      Can you ship internationally?

      Currently we are not set up to send internationally although that service is on its way. If you are an international customer, please let us know what you would like, which country you would like it sent to and we will search for the lowest (safest) shipping price at the time.

      Can I return my hair product purchase?
      For hygiene reasons we don't accept change of mind returns, however if your product is faulty or damaged please contact us for assessment.

      I see lots of products on your website but I have something particular in mind – can you source it for me?
      There's a good chance that if you want to purchase a product, lots of others will too. We can certainly try and source it for you.

      Do you sell wholesale?

      Yes we do.  Please click here and it will take you to the Wholesale sign up page.

      I require a large order for my company, sports group, school, can you help me?
      Yes we can. Our maximum capacity for large orders is 2,000 scrunchies per week.


      If you have any further questions please contact us info@larzy.com.au


      Stay safe.

      Love Larzy xx